My Journey

My career has been defined by supporting individuals and teams in both private and publicly funded entities at various stages of growth. A deep passion for positive workplace culture drives my confidence that I can help you and your team establish a true sense of belonging while refining the culture of your organization. 

“I want to change the way we work”

I coach leaders toward positively influencing their company culture and transforming their teams into healthy, high functioning entities. I developed this focus over the course of several years serving international institutions across Asia and Latin America. During key moments in this time, I encountered, struggled with, and ultimately solved situations that were the exact opposite of healthy and high functioning.

Unless they are particularly lucky, most professionals will eventually encounter toxic work environments. In my case, I found myself managing deep friction between senior stakeholders’ vision or lack thereof, my team’s frustration, and our end customers’ resultant substandard experiences.

With a fully top-down approach off the table, I poured my resources and energy into nurturing and developing the 50+ professionals in my care, strengthening our sense of purpose, belonging and devotion to the program. As a result, a school system with a significant enrolment churn rate transformed into a competitive curriculum with a wait list in under two years.

“All great leaders need someone in their corner, a trusted, unbiased thought partner who will nudge forward fresh perspectives and encourage an equitable approach.”

Inspired, exhausted and exhilarated with the experience, I saw a tremendous opportunity in crystallizing my approach and thinking for other leaders. Culture Innovator is the result, designed to impart my internal culture and leadership building techniques over the course of a series of 1:1 coaching sessions, workshops, and exercises.

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